Boosting your Vibrational Frequency

When you manage to shift your vibration to manifest your desires, it puts you in alignment with whatever it is you desire.

Your emotions function as your internal gauge to show you if you are on the same frequency as your desire. It tells you if you are on a high vibration or low vibration – going in the same direction or are on the same path of your desire or if you are off-track.

If you need to display anything in your life, you must feel the feelings of having it. If you want your ideal career, you must see yourself in your dream job and feel the feelings of enjoying your career.

If you feel that you can never attract any good people in your life – that all the great guys or gals are taken – then that’s the message you’re sending into the universe and that’s what you attract back to you.

The same thing will apply to your dream career. If you feel that you’re not good enough to get that career or other people are better than you, or you don’t deserve it, then you’re short-circuiting the universal power that’s available to you to help you manifest your desire.

By managing your emotional vibration – paying attention to what you’re feeling – you’ll be able to change the frequency, shift your thinking and your emotions will follow.

Instead of being pre-occupied with the past or the future, practice being present; become conscious of your present emotional state. You’ve got to be here now to quickly catch what’s going on inside of you. Power resides in the here and now and is available right now as the need arises.

You can only manage your emotional state as you are consciously aware of it not when the event is over and not in the future. So it’s important to practice staying present, so you can choose how you want to respond to every situation that comes to interrupt your emotional state of peace.

Be an observer of your thoughts and emotions, and you’ll be able to understand how they affect your perception and influence your emotions, your beliefs, and your actions.

Subconscious Mind Power

Our subconscious and cognizant minds assume the real part of forming our life. So our essential concentration will stay subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind goes about as interpreter to the cognizant mind. The cognizant mind takes its contribution from our five detects. Whatever we talk and think intentionally, that goes about a contribution to the subconscious mind. Subconscious mind records each idea it gets from the cognizant mind. For more information, refer to